Want to know the truth?

Most people’s conversion rate sucks.

You’re in good company.

But knowing this doesn’t make your conversion rate any easier to take, does it?

After all, you just can’t understand why people aren’t interested in what you write about or sell. You put a lot of time and effort into creating your blog (I’m including websites here too), writing content, creating videos and offering full-proof products, right?

But no one’s biting.

It wasn’t supposed to be like this, was it? Because you’re doing everything right as far as following what the experts tell you to do…

You’re in social media groups…

Conversing in forums…

Optimizing your content…


Sharing links…

But, you’re not getting the subscribers you expected and the results from your affiliate links is disappointing, right?

What’s going wrong?

I get readers and clients asking me to give them answers. Before I do so, I make a point of checking out their blog.

In nearly every case I can see (within a few seconds of arriving on their blog) why their traffic conversion rate sucks…

Here are the main reasons why:

1. Starting A Blog (or Site) To Sell Someone Else’s Products

You will never make money selling guru products. Not by sticking ads or banners on your blog and hoping people click on them.

You may think it’s a good way to monetize your blog but it’s not, whatever the gurus tell you. Some even think it’s a silly strategy.

Don’t agree? Look at your conversion rates.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t sell other people’s products. Affiliate commission for quality products makes up a good part of many influential and popular bloggers income.

What I’m talking about is the fluff that fails to deliver.

But even the quality products that do deliver only sell for their influential, popular bloggers because they already have a pretty good idea that their large audience are likely to want them.

You see, those bloggers have large audiences because they’ve spent time getting to know what those audiences want enough to buy, what their desires are, their hopes and dreams. And building up their trust and influence.

So when an influential, popular blogger lets her large audience know that she has a product that she recommends to them (because she knows from engaging them, getting to know what they want) and…

She’s probably got first hand experience of said product. If not, she probably knows the product’s creator, if virtually via Skype calls, interviews or meeting up at a conference. At least, she’s built up a connection via social media.

Think our example success story is going to get members of her audience clicking her links to find out more…

And probably buy?

You bet she is.

Harsh as it might be, you don’t have influence like this (not yet). You probably don’t have much of an audience either at the moment. Maybe none at all. But you have ads and banners for products that you probably don’t know much about but expect people to click on them and buy.

2. No Clear Message To Make You Stand Out

Almost all the blogs I visit when looking to see why someone is not getting the conversions they want, or expected, suffer from this…

Confusing or conflicting message. Or both.

There’s confusion over what the blog’s about. Confusion over what it does for people, what end result it delivers anyone who subscribes or buys. Conflicting purpose.

None make it clear from the moment I arrive who the blog is aimed at – what audience you want to attract.

There’s little that would interest me enough to keep me coming back if I wasn’t visiting because I had been paid to review the blog and help them solve their conversion problems.

It’s a shame because I’m sure the owners of these confusing blogs have ideas that could make a significant impact for good on an audience. These owners probably work hard on their blogs, probably with little time while working full time jobs and expect better returns for their effort than they’re getting.

Converting traffic starts before you even start your blog…

Because it starts with deciding what your blog is going to do for people.

And it has to be something they want badly enough to spend money on.

3. Your Blog Is Just A Carbon Copy Of What’s Already Out There

Yes, it’s harsh. But true. And I’ve been just as guilty in the past.

I’m not talking about your reason for blogging, your inspiration, your mission. No. That’s not a copy. It’s unique. But it’s uniqueness, the reason it needs to stand out, is getting drowned in content that’s not doing it justice.

And it’s not standing out from the crowd.

Right now, it looks like a 100 other blogs, all writing the same content and all with conversion rates that suck.

Those people you expected and hoped would come and subscribe to your email list and buy your products when you started your blog are already getting what they want elsewhere.

4. You’re Expecting Too Much, Too Soon

You’re not seeing results.

Your blog maybe a few weeks, or a few months, old and nothing’s happening.

You expected people to subscribe and buy but they’re not. Now you feel a failure. Listen up – You are not a failure.

You just need to find out how to turn your blog around and start getting those conversions.

5. Your Site Looks “Spammy”

This is what those flashing, blinking ads turn your blog into.

It’s not your intention. But that’s what might be happening. If you want to build a business online, one that stands out, looking “spammy” is not the way to do it.

Yes, you may not be able to splash out on hiring a professional designer. But you don’t have to.

No, you may not be tech-minded and be able to give your blog a clever-looking design. But you don’t need to.

You can make your blog look good and different with a low-cost (even free) template. It’s not a clever-looking design you need though. Traffic conversion doesn’t happen just because a blog’s design could win awards. Or because it couldn’t.

Check out blogs belonging to influencers blogging about your topic. What kinds of ads do they have on their Home Page. If any? And, if there are any, what impression do they make on you?

Take note of that impression because it’ll give you a marker to measure your own blog’s impression. And how to improve its chances of converting more traffic.

6. You’re Going After The Wrong Traffic

Could it be true?

Yes. It could. And it is.

When people start blogs they do several things wrong. A major one of these mistakes is to go after traffic – any traffic – because they’ve been led to believe traffic is what makes or breaks your blog’s success.

Yes, traffic is important.

But what those experts don’t tell you is that not all traffic is good. For instance, say you get lucky and get tons of traffic from Quora, or Pinterest, or Facebook…


Maybe that traffic keeps coming.

But no one subscribes. No one buys. It happens. A lot. By now, you probably know how often it happens, right?

It leaves you scratching your head, trying to figure out why.

Well, I’ll tell you why: it’s the wrong kind of traffic.

It’s the wrong kind because they are not interested in buying your (affiliate) products. They’re not interested in signing up to your email list. They just liked that image you share posted alongside that link. Or maybe they liked your headline.

But beyond that. They’re not interested.

Why? Because they’re not your audience.

Put bluntly: because you haven’t taken time to think about WHO you want coming to your blog; who you can best serve because you can give them what they’re looking for, because you haven’t defined who your audience is, you’re getting the wrong people coming to your blog.

In short, all your time and effort you’re putting into making your blog successful is going to waste.

BONUS Reason #7:
Your “Profitable Niche” Isn’t Working

Want to know the problem with going after a niche because some keywords suggest it will be profitable?

It doesn’t work. (Unless you have a track record in making money from “niche sites”.)

For most people, especially, beginner bloggers, or those of us who’ve blogs have failed to convert, this “profitable niche” advice is nothing more than a frustrating route to disappointment and frustration.

In fact, conventional advice about finding a niche is wrong because it makes you focus on what is little more than categories…

Self Improvement. Writing. Healthy Eating. Weight Loss. Parenting. Content Marketing.

These are categories.

They don’t actually mean anything…

They don’t give you answers to how to attract an audience that’s going to hang on your every word and spend their hard earned money on you, time and again, as they shout your praises to the world.

Yes, you can niche down to more narrow sub-niches and sub-niches of sub-niches. But you’re still picking categories. Not audiences.

You need to pick an Audience, not a Category because…

“The bottom line is the vast majority of traffic techniques depend on you having an audience.” – Jon Morrow, SmartBlogger.com

For instance, this blog you’re reading now, could be said to be in the Blogging niche – or the Internet Marketing niche – or the Business Online niche…

It doesn’t matter. Because the people who come here (who blog in the Writing niche, the Internet Marketing niche, the Self Improvement niche, all different niches), they come here because they want help to get traffic to their blog and I can help them do that.

BONUS Reason #8:
A Higgledy-Piggledy Mash-Up of All (or Several) Of These Reasons

Take a good look at your blog.

A good honest look…

If you’re not getting the conversions then it’s a good bet it’s because one, two, three, or all of these reasons highlighted above are why.

But there’s hope…

How To Get Your Traffic To Convert…

You need to ask yourself these questions:

1. Who do you want coming to your blog (and why?)

What is it that someone coming to your blog is going to get out of it that they can’t get elsewhere?

To answer this you need to know who is most likely to want to come to your blog (get that end result you offer).

2. How will they be closer to their desired outcome as a result of:

Coming to your blog…

Signing up to your email list…

Buying your products?

Up until now, you’ve only been guessing.

Or relying on what keywords suggest. Stop that. Because you need to know what is going to motivate people into coming to your blog again and again.

You need to know what their desires are, what drives them to keep searching…

And what it is they’re searching for.

3. You need to find your audience and make your blog its home

I’ll let you into a secret…

Finding your audience is easier than you think and here’s a technique for making it easier…

Think of your audience as being like you. More precisely, like you were before you had the answers they’re still looking for. Before you discovered the solution that helped you solve that problem, whatever it is, that still keeps them struggling, frustrated and unhappy.

Making your blog into a place where they feel at home is more difficult. But it begins with…

4. Finding out where they already hang out trying to find what you can offer them.

You can find where by thinking of what the problem is you solve and working backwards to what your (potential) audience is probably asking.

Remember what you wanted to know when you were still in their shoes? This will give you clues for where to look for them.

5. Ask yourself WHY someone would want to subscribe

What do you give them in return that they can’t get anywhere else?

Again, you need to know what it is they’re looking for.

6. Ask yourself WHY someone would want to buy from you

Whatever your answer, you need to know that getting people to buy takes effort.

Effort in building up a bond of trust and repeatedly showing them you can give them what they’re looking for.

If you do nothing else from now on, stop wasting time posting links to your content on social media (for now) and spend time answering these 6 questions. And remember, you can hire me to help you. I want to see and hear how your conversion rates are increasing.

If you can’t understand what it is that’s keeping people from taking the actions on your site that you want them to take, no matter how much time and effort you put into writing content, then here’s a pointer – It’s because your blog isn’t getting the right kind of traffic.

To increase your traffic conversion rate you need to focus on the right people who want to know what you can give them.

These are the people who want to know what you know already.

Stop trying to make money online. Because the internet doesn’t work like that any more (if it ever did) and you’ll fail.

Start finding people who want to know what you already

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