If you’ve done your keyword research, your next step in my content marketing strategy is Content Creation. So what is content creation?

Content creation is where you write and build your page or blog post. You’ll want to start with a keyword you discovered in the first step of this process.

Research Your Keyword

I like to pick something general, something that is an entryway into my subject. Something that somebody new to your niche might ask about.

This next step is super easy. Google that keyword. Yup, enter it into the ol’ Google machine and press enter.

Google Your Keyword

Now, take a look at the top ten results and make note of the following:

  • Number of words in each article
  • Topics covered
  • Headlines used

You should use these results as research for your post. Google already did the dirty work and found that these sites well represent your keyword. Your job now is to one-up them.

Crafting A Blog Post Around Your Keyword

Now that you know what Google considers to be good content, go ahead and get to creating your post. Hit the key topics, make it longer and more thorough, add some images, video or infographics, use your term (as well as similar keywords and variants), and make it the best blog post for your keyword.

That last point should always be your goal. You can’t expect to get near the top results without putting out a better article. This might be the golden rule of content creation, even though it’s often overlooked.

Real World Example

I have a website about ASMR (the Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, or sounds that give you head tingles). I’m currently building this site using the same methods I write about.

Researching My Keyword

One of the first terms I discovered during keyword research was “ASMR Triggers”. So I set out and did the google thing. I scoped out the competition and here’s what I found:

  • They usually opened with a definition of ASMR
  • Some articles broke down the different ASMR sounds
  • They provided information on the most commonly used ASMR triggers, including videos
  • They also used images to describe the popular triggers
Content Creation - ASMR Triggers results

Hey look, I rank!

I used this information in my next step.

Creating My ASMR Triggers Page

I got to work on my page, 12 Best ASMR Triggers. I opened with the meaning of ASMR. I wanted this page to serve as an entryway into the topic (though I later expanded into a page with a much more thorough explanation of ASMR).

Content Creation - ASMR Meaning

I then went into a breakdown of ASMR sounds. This provided more background on the phenomenon before getting into the triggers.


I then got into the meat of the page by covering popular triggers. I came to the number after doing my earlier research. I wanted to hit the most popular triggers, but I also wanted to have a number that would keep people on my page for a fair amount of time without overwhelming them.

I settled on 12.

For each ASMR trigger, I created a headline with the trigger name, a related photo, a descriptive paragraph, and a representative video that I found on youtube.

Content Creation - ASMR Triggers

I repeated this process for all 12 triggers and ended up with a nice piece of content that covered my keyword well.

What To Do After You Create Your Content

We’ll cover that in future posts, but the next step is look at the On-Page SEO for your page or blog post.


In this article, I’ve covered my definition of research your keyword and craft content around it. Soon, we’ll cover how to tweak your On-Page SEO in order to help your page rank quickly.

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