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Playing In Traffic is a resource run by me, Chris Thomas, to teach you proven strategies for building traffic to your online business.

Many people feel overwhelmed when it comes to keyword research, content strategy, and search engine optimization (SEO), but my goal is to show you techniques – easy, proven methods – to help you do things the right way and get noticed quickly. 

If you want to start a web based company and you’re not sure where to begin, you’ve come to the right place. On Playing In Traffic, I provide the strategies, tactics and tools that I’ve personally used to build websites that receive over 1 million monthly pageviews.

Whether you’re a budding solopreneur, a side-hustler or just looking to build a website as a hobby, planning out your website and content ahead of time can save you a lot of headache and aggravation.

If you stick around and read some of my content, you’ll notice that I don’t use a lot of confusing jargon. I know this can be intimidating, so I try to simplify things at all times so that you can focus on the important aspects of your business with a clear head.

My goal is help you build traffic to your website in a straightforward and understandable way.

How Playing In Traffic Got Its Name

I started building websites as a hobby and had a lot of fun doing it. As I gained experience, I would tend to geek out on the keyword research and analytics, to the point where I started having fun just finding potential niches. Out of that was born Playing In Traffic, because at the end of the day, that’s what I like to do.

Who Is
Chris Thomas ?

Who Is

On Our Wedding Day - Playing In TrafficI’m just a regular guy. I’m a geek in my mid-thirties and married to the love of my life. I have a step-daughter and another daughter on the way. As I mentioned earlier, I’m also a huge geek. I love comic books, collectibles, comic con and superhero movies.

I also love building websites and internet marketing, which leads to my internet origin story:

A few years after graduating from college, I started building websites for fun. At first it was just some silly stuff, mostly for entertainment, but then I discovered affiliate marketing and I was amazed that if somebody clicked through my website to Amazon (or hundreds of other stores), that they would pay me a portion of each sale made from somebody I sent through! I mean, that’s crazy, right?

The Early Days

I had gotten pretty good at affiliate marketing over the years. I would specialize in product launches. When rumors came out that Sony would be releasing a slim version of the PlayStation 3 (dating myself a bit here), I was one of the first sites out there writing about it.

When Sony finally announced it and pre-sales went up on Amazon, I made thousands of dollars in a few days just from a 4% referral commission! After a few months of sales, I sold the site and ended up turning a profit of $15,000 over its life.

At this point, I was totally hooked and was looking for more product launches. New Tivo DVRs, video game releases, and even the Bane costume from The Dark Knight Rises made up a lot of my business, with the Bane costume giving me another $15,000 profit (and a sweet Halloween costume).

This was a lot of fun but started to become competitive, so I began looking into long-term options. I launched two sites around this time.

Thinking Long-Term

The first site I built in this phase was GeekDecor.net, a site dedicated to sharing geeky decor items for the home and office. The plan was to share things I was interested in and hopefully make some affiliate commissions. For a while things were going well. Traffic and earnings were increasing monthly and I was able to hire a few writers.

Eventually though, I hit a wall. I later learned, after selling the site, that I was competing for some high competition keywords and I did not have a strategy.

I was a little luckier with the second site, PimplePoppingVideos.net. The idea for this site was to share pimple popping videos I found on youtube. Sure, they were gross, but they were insanely popular and there was something fascinating about them.

This site became a great learning experience for me. I got schooled in everything from hosting and Google AdWords (where you get paid for showing ads on your site) to Facebook pages and groups (which drives a lot of the site traffic).

Even without doing any keyword research, i stumbled into a great niche. Over the years, I applied what I had been learning and now this site receives over 1 million monthly pageviews and has a Facebook group with over 50,000 members!

Working Smarter

Stan Lee and Me - Playing In TrafficTaking what I learned with these two sites, I decided to expand my network. At this time, I started working on ConJunkies.com, a comic book convention calendar and tips blog. I would create posts about comic book conventions around the country and share my personal experiences on how to make the most out of them.

ConJunkies.com is less than a year old but is already showing some great potential.

I also decided to build another video site, though this time I would also supplement the video content with some great informational articles. That site is TheASMR.com, which deals with the Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, a bodily response to stimuli that can cause people to experience head and body tingles after hearing certain noises.

For this site, I came up with a content stategy which is already starting to pay off, even though the site is only a few months old. I’m starting to see traffic for a lot of the keywords I am targeting!

Where I Am Now

In 2016, I started to listen to podcasts and audiobooks to improve my skills. I also joined SoloLab, a coaching and mastermind group run by Michael O’Neal, host of The Solopreneur Hour Podcast. In our weekly hangouts, I found myself sharing my techniques to build traffic and I soon realized that I loved to share my methods and learn what is working for other people.

During one of my coaching calls with Michael, we both came to the realization that this passion should be the basis for my next website.

So that brings us to the present and the launch of PlayingInTraffic.co. The goal is to share my techniques in a simple and straightforward manner, all while I continue to learn and grow myself.

Well, that’s my story. I thank you for making it this far! I hope I can help you out in some way. Feel free to use the contact for below to reach out and chat!

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