“I’m struggling with finding my niche”

“I’m still struggling with narrowing down my niche.”

These are just some of the emails my readers have been sending me, asking if I could help them out.

How do you find your niche? And after you’ve found it, what is it that’s going to make it actually work?

Well, firstly, let’s look at why you’re struggling with finding your niche…

What’s Causing You To Struggle With Finding Your Niche?

It can be confusing:

People online talk a lot about “finding a niche”. They divide into two main groups, each with their particular take on why you need a niche…

SEO and Keyword Research

One group tells you that if you want your blog to be successful – get traffic, readers, subscribers and make money, you need to find a niche that’s profitable.

A niche that makes money is the key to success online. That’s their theory. For that, you need keywords. Search engine optimization (SEO) because you need money-making keywords and phrases. So they say. They look to popular niche bloggers like Pat Flynn for example and his Niche Site Duel.

Is it right though? Is choosing a niche all about finding profitable keywords? Well, I’ll come to this in a moment.

Find Your Passion

The other group tells you that you need to choose a niche based on your passion. They cite people like Gary Vaynerchuk when promoting passion as a basis for growing your blog. If you don’t absolutely love what you’re blogging about, your doomed.

Which group has it? Keywords or Passion?

You know, choosing a niche because some statistics make something look like it will be profitable (and make your blog profitable too) or focussing on what drives your passion, can – and does – work for some people. The emphasis here being “for some people”.

But it leaves a lot of people, especially, beginner bloggers or those of us who’ve blogs have failed to make it, struggling to find a niche.

The reason is this confusion around what works – or should work – when looking for your niche.

Keywords and SEO didn’t work for me in helping me find my niche. I hear from readers and list members all the time that these tactics didn’t work for them either.

Neither does following passion…

“I’m still struggling to find my niche.”

Let’s look for a moment at what niches usually focus on.


They tend to focus on categories such as Personal Finance, Writing, Parenting, Self Development … or sub-activities within these main activities, such as Curing Procrastination or Writing Novels.

What talking to readers highlights to me is that it’s trying to fit into one of these categories is a big cause of their struggle.

They struggle to fit.

They feel they don’t just fit into one but two, or three, or that what they know about or want to blog about straddles several categories.

This Whole “Find Your Niche” Thing’s Keeping Them Stuck

They feel they can’t fit into any one niche. Or that they think that not fitting into one niche, is wrong.

Not being able to choose one category out of several possible choices, keeps them from moving forward.

I hear this so often from readers struggling with this problem: not being able to choose, or to narrow down, their possible niches to one final one.

People tell me that this is their major reason for thinking they’ll never be able to blog successfully. Or make any income online. Or grow a blog into a successful, profitable business platform.

I know where they’re coming from because this is what I struggled with too. I wanted to teach Copywriting to help people sell online but I wanted to teach people to write novels too. And I wanted to pass on what I discovered and had developed as I worked successfully on my anxiety to overcome a lack of confidence.

What should I choose as my blog’s niche? Should I start one blog. Or three – one for each topic?

What happened in the end was that I chose one niche for one blog.

Three times.

As each blog failed because I couldn’t really get to grips with that “one niche blog”, I thought it was me who was at fault, rather than the method of finding a niche.

If this rings bells for you then you’ve probably been through, or are going through, this same scenario:

You can’t quite get to grips with that niche you’ve chosen.

Because you’re not comfortable with just one. Or with that particular one.

But, what if you chose your niche by what a particular group of people are interested in doing, or having, or being?

What if you forgot about keywords and phrases and instead, focused on a group of people who wanted to know what you already know and can pass on to them?

So, What Should You Do To Succeed?

“Try to put yourself in the shoes of your ideal client, and the kind of client who’s hired you in the past. Are you convincing them that you’re able to solve problems that are their own, or similar to their own? Or are you giving them a technical smorgasbord of options, and leaving them to independently determine whether or not you can help them?” –Brennan Dunn

If you want to stop struggling to find your niche and get unstuck and start move forwards with your blog then…

Forget about keywords and passions and focused instead on a group of people who had a deep desire to know what you know already and can pass onto them in your skills and know-how…

Preferably, packaged into a product or service.

Instead, find a specific group of people that you can help because you understand them. You know their “deep heart pains”. You’ve been in their shoes and understand the problems they’re facing and can help them out.

How I (Finally) Found My Niche

I went through failure with the 3 blogs before finally finding out what niche I should blog about.

Before this, I’d tried blogging about how to create Blog Content and Copywriting.

That failed.

Then I tried blogging about Writing Fiction.

That failed.

Then I tried blogging about Personal Development, namely Confidence.

That failed.

Reasons why they failed include a mixture, at one time or other, of all those fears mentioned earlier.

But most of all, I failed because I wasn’t specific enough in WHO I was blogging for. Or who I wanted buying my product and service.

I hadn’t spent time thinking about my answers to these questions which meant that I couldn’t get specific enough about WHO I was blogging for.

Eventually, I did though. And here’s how it helped me find my niche (and is helping me grow this blog you’re reading now into a success)…

I looked at myself and listed what problems stopped me from making it online.

Here’s some of what I included in that list…

Setting up a blog.
Discovering how to set up a hosting service.
Worrying about getting scammed.
Worrying about making costly mistakes.
Putting myself out there.
Working out how to get people to my blog.
Not knowing if anyone was interested.
Wondering why no one left comments.
Not knowing why everyone online except me, seemed to know each other.

And so it went on!

It all boiled it down to one real, burning, “deep heart problem” …

Most blogging advice misses out a vital step, or steps.

Without that step you can’t succeed because you’re missing the vital piece.

Without that step, you’re like a driver in a vehicle without wheels.

Yes, everything else might be just right, the interior plush as you like, the engine turbo-fuelled, the vehicle capable of 0 – 60 in some unearthly minimum of seconds.

But you have no wheels.

You’re not going to get anywhere. Unless you get some wheels and fit them, you’ll stay stuck where you are.

Missing these steps I failed. But more than that, I got frustrated. Disappointed. Dispondent and discouraged. I had dreams and goals I wanted to enjoy but couldn’t get passed the fact that none of that blogging advice worked because of those wretched missing steps.

Then I found them.

It took 3 years of searching for real advice, learning, watching, investing in courses and training that actually delivered. But I found them. And when I did, everything slotted into place. I got my wheels. And the highway was my legacy at last.

And how did this discovery help me find my niche, my specific group of people who I wanted to become my readers and clients?

I chose people who were going through the same frustration and disappointment at finding out there were steps missing from the blogging advice they were getting that I had.

I chose my niche from amongst people who were:

Frustrated with trying to get traffic to their blog.

This is the niche I focus on.

These are the group of people I want coming to my blog, reading my blog posts and buying my product and services.

The people for whom SEO doesn’t work. The people whose links on social media are never clicked.

The people whose blog posts are hardly ever read.

The people looking those steps most blogging advice leaves out.

And they come.

And when they come, I help them find their niche and work with them to find one that’ll bring in the traffic, readers, subscribers and income they want. That moment when they tell me, “This is great Tom. It’s all starting to make sense.” is worth so much. And when they follow-up with examples – that’s the best feeling ever!

“…one of the most important steps you can take is to segment your audience. If you can divide them by their interests, then you can craft a message that’s perfectly targeted at the group you want to pursue. It makes it much, much easier to grab their attention.” –Brian Clark, Copyblogger.com

When you find your specific group of people put your efforts in to crafting “a message that’s perfectly targeted at the group you want to pursue.” as Brian Clark advises.

After spending time to find this group and crafting your message into one they want to hear – do you think you’ll find getting their attention, standing out, getting traffic, readers, building your email list and creating clients easy?

It’s going to be a lot more easy – and rewarding – than struggling, getting frustrated and failing.

How Do You Find Your Specific Group (and How Do You Craft A Message They’ll Want To Hear?)

I’ve written about this very topic. You can read about it here in this blog post and I’ve gone into the 3 steps that it takes for you to succeed.

But to give you a flavor here of what these steps are, here they are in order…

Step 1: Find People Who Want To Read Your Blog Posts.

Step 2: Find Out What Their Frustrations And Disappointments Are.

Step 3: How To Turn Their “Deep Heart Problems” Into Blog Posts They Want To Read.

Ultimately, the closer you get to providing that crafted message for your group, the better it is for you because you’re making your job easier.

You’ll also be making it better for the people in your group. We all want to feel that someone understands us, someone finally gets what we’re about. That somebody cares and has gone to the trouble of making something just for us.

The Powerful (and Wonderfully Simple) Way To Become A Trusted Authority

By finding your specific group of people you can help, based on what you learn about them from their “deep heart problems”, from spending time listening to them, you’ll be succeeding in another way too…

Your group will see you understand them. They’ll be more likely to trust you, more likely to look to you as an influence, someone who can help them, give them what they need to move forward. And you’ll be showing them how you’re solving their problems.

As you become more trusted and useful to your audience, they’re more likely to read, subscribe and buy. And ask you to help them.

Ready To Stop Struggling And Make Your Blog Work?

If I’ve done my job, you should see why you’ve been struggling up until now to find your niche. Why it’s been eluding you till now. And, most importantly, why you need to focus on finding your specific group of people so you can help them. And – why you can stop struggling to find your niche and what to do instead – and breathe free and start getting that traffic, those readers, subscribers, clients, you want.

Want more help finding your niche? Let me help you stop struggling to find your niche and start getting clear about who your specific group of people should be to get the traffic, readers, subscribers and clients you want to make your blog work successfully.

I’m offering you a free 20-minute consulting call (at the bottom of the post) so we can discuss this and get you clearer on what you should be doing. I really want to help you succeed. It’s often just a matter of re-focusing with someone like me giving you the steps before you discover exactly what you need to be doing to succeed.

Looking forward to talking to you soon and getting you started on the right track to achieving your end result and success.

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