What’s more frustrating than getting no traffic?

How about getting traffic that doesn’t stick around?

If you’re getting traffic that isn’t reading your blog posts, commenting, joining your email list and buying, then you’ll know how frustrating it can be, right?

So, what are you doing wrong?

And how can you do it right and succeed at creating an income by helping others?

If you’re not getting people to do what you want them to when they come to your blog, it’s because you’re not making it clear what they should do.

Yes, you think it’s obvious. But it’s not.

There’s a block between you and your potential readers, subscribers, customers.

That block is your lack of focus.

Keywords Are Not The Gospel According To Buying

No focus means you’re just guessing.

You think you have a topic or message or product people are interested in buying because some keywords might have told you they were. But you have no proof that anyone is interested.

So, your message (and your blog) is generic.

It’s too broad. It’s trying to include everyone because you think this is the way to get people coming to your blog and buying. But instead, because you’re message is generic, it doesn’t mean anything to anybody.

Because it’s generic your potential customers can’t see the enormous value (you know is) at the heart of what you want to help them achieve and succeed at. You know it. But they don’t. Because they can’t see it. It doesn’t stand out, grab their attention and scream:

“Hey! You need to read this. It’s gonna change your life.”
So, although they may come, they don’t care when they get there. Not enough to do what you want them to do: subscribe and buy.

Yes, they might stick around and read a post because they clicked on it when it popped up in their Twitter stream or forum thread they subscribe to, but that’s it. Once they’ve read it, they’re gone. Never to return.

You might be getting several hundred people like this coming to your blog and leaving again.

Isn’t it frustrating? Possibly more so than getting no traffic at all.

Why does it happen? Why are people coming to your blog and not staying..?

Because they lose interest.

Because after reading that blog post they clicked through to read, nothing else interested them. Nothing else on your blog kept them, or persuaded them to join your email list for more. Nothing got them into the buying mood.


Nothing about your other blog posts. Nothing about your free give-away in exchange for their email address. Nothing about your products.


It’s depressing, right?

Well, you’re not alone.

Nearly everyone who starts a blog with big dreams and plans to help people and do good in the world, end up with this “nothing result”.

Why is it happening?

Because your focus is so generic and un-targeted, you’re losing people who are coming, who might have been interested…

And you’re losing people who don’t even know you exist (but might actually really want what you can give them, if only they knew about you).

“If you don’t narrow down [your focus] to a specific group, you end up with a really generic message that doesn’t appeal to anyone and you’re not connecting to any of them really because none of them find anything they recognize, relate to or catch on to as being specifically about them individually.” – Corbett Barr, fizzle.co

Doesn’t Narrowing Down Lose Me Customers?

You might think so.

You might be in that school of thought that thinks going after a specific group leaves money on the table.

And you might be wondering who or what should you narrow down to?

To discover who and what you should narrow your focus down to, you need to decide who is most likely to be interested in what you offer them in return for sticking around and buying.

For example, if you want to teach people how to live better lives by being better at communicating with the people around them, then you need to know these facts…

1. Who’s most unhappy because they endure poor relationships with people?

2. Who among this group can you help with what you know, or what you sell?

3. Are they unhappy enough, is their life terrible enough because of those poor relationships, to buy? (Or are they able to live with it, or aren’t suffering enough to buy themselves out of it?)

These are the type of questions that will help you narrow your focus.

Think these questions are too deep, or that you can’t possibly answer them?

Think again.

Yes, It Does All Start With You. Here’s Why…

This is a simple (but highly effective) system for finding out really clear and useful answers to who’s most likely to be interested in you – and why:

Look at what’s brought you to your goal of wanting a blog to help others do what (your blog is about, or helping others to do).

1. What have you gone through to get there?

2. What have you learnt in the process of getting there?

3. What first inspired or triggered your wish to do something about it, or take action to find an alternative income source?

These are 3 of the questions I ask clients to get them started finding focus that not only excites and inspires them to keep on going, but attracts people most likely to recognize their story, their struggle, their experiences – because those people are going through it all right now. (You’ll discover more of the kind of questions I’d ask you as one of my clients coming up.)

And that’s what you want to do to attract people most likely to recognize your story.

And they’ll be all the more keen and eager to stick around and listen to you, to join your email list to find out more and buy your products because they’ll recognize you as one of them. You’ll be to them a person of value because you know what they’re going through. You’ve walked in their moccasins, as the old saying goes.

They’ll read your content, your story, your reasons for doing what you’re doing and they’ll pay attention because, if you understand what they’re going through, your solutions (your products) are probably going to work.

This is how Kevin Duncan is building up his highly successful and entertaining blog targeted at bloggers wanting to stand out and make a difference by being better than the average blogger out there.

Kevin understands the struggle bloggers have standing out and getting an audience to hear their message over the noise of crowd.

He understands his audience because he’d walked in their moccasins by going through the tough experiences they were going through.

Of course it takes work. But knowing what changed life for you, what solutions made it possible to start succeeding, because you’ve been there and been through it, helps you make it easier, simpler and much more effective.

And a lot more enjoyable for you too. And your readers, subscribers and buyers too.

Sue Ann Dunlevie is doing this and building up her brilliant and fast-growing blog. Her message really connects with people most likely to be searching for: How to be a successful blogger, making money enjoying what they do, working from home, maybe round other commitments, without being pushy or salesy.

Ryan Biddulph is doing this and building up his fantastic blog showing people who want to travel and write and get paid for it, do just that.

Kevin, Sue and Ryan are doing this by knowing who their blog is for and standing out head and shoulders in a crowded market.

And you can do it too…

Whatever market you choose.

It’s Not About You – Or Is It?

The “experts” will tell you that “It’s not about you.” when they tell you how to succeed online. Nobody’s interested in you, or what you do, or what you want to do, they’ll tell you.

They’re only right if you forget about who’s most likely to be interested.
You are important to people who want to be able to do, be or have what you can help do, be or have. But only if you understand them and talk about what they’re going through, how they can get (finally) results they want.

Popular bloggers however, the people really making money online and changing lives, the influencers, the authorities in their industry, they’ll tell you:

People buy people first. Then they take out their credit cards. 

And you can only do that if you share a common bond (those moccasins) with them.

Because people are drawn to people most like themselves.

We want to know that someone else, hopefully a group of people, have likes, dislikes, sports, TV shows, films, books, favorite songs, schools, colleges, memories, etc…etc in common with us. Because it makes us feel like we belong. That our likes and dislikes matter to others.

And the way to persuade them that they need to stick around and take action is selling products they’re most likely to buy.

How do you do that?

By persuading them your products will give them the results they want.

And how do you do that?

1. It starts with that looking at yourself and asking yourself those 3 questions:

What have you gone through to get there (where you are now, knowing what you know now, etc)?

What have you learnt in the process of getting there?

What first inspired or triggered your wish to do something about it, or take action to find an alternative income source?

2. Then, thinking about who’s most likely to be interested in getting there too (knowing what you know, getting to where you are now, what steps you took, etc.).

Remember, getting more targeted traffic to your blog is all about focusing…

Focusing on narrowing down:

Who you want coming to your blog…

What it is they wish they could do, be or have so much that they’ll pay for…

Who’s most likely, out of this group of people, to want to stick around on your blog, reading what you have to say, because they feel you understand what they’re going through and because you sell gets them those results they wish for (enough to pay for).

Answer these questions and you’ll find the right kind of traffic for you, targeted traffic, the traffic you’ll most likely to convert?

Are you ready?

Because that traffic is full of people who’ve been searching for someone like you. Someone who can help them do what they’ve been wanting to do (maybe for a long time).

And they’ve been waiting too.

Waiting for you because no one else understands them like you do.

They’re waiting for you because only you can help them make their wish to succeed come true.

They’re still waiting.

Will you keep them waiting?

Or will you welcome them to your blog?

And reap the rewards…

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